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Trade List

feel free to request a scan of any of these

                                                            Various Celebs


Andy Serkis                                     Actor: LOTR, King Kong                                             Index Card

Christopher Paolini                          Author: Eragon, EldesT                                                Index Card

John Travolta                                   Famous Actor: Grease, S. Night Fever, etc.                 8 by 10 in.

Ken Burns                                        Makes Documentaries                                                  Photo/IC

Philip Pullman                                 Author: Golden Compass Series                                   Bookplate

Viggo Mortensen                             Actor: LOTR, Hildalgo                                                8 by 10 in.

                                                            Various Sports

Larry Colton                                    Wrote Counting Coup, Retired Baseball Player           Index Card

Jim Bouton                                       Wrote Ball Four, Retired Baseball Player                    Index Card

Jonny Wilkinson                              England Rugby Fly Half                                               4 by 8 in.

Max Schmeling                                Boxing Legend                                                             Index Card


Alan Shearer                                    Newcastle/England Star                                                4 by 6 in.

Darren Anderton                              Birmingham City/England Player                                Custom Index Card

Denis Wise                                       Former Man Utd Player                                                Index Card

Franz Beckenbauer                          German Legend                                                            4 by 6 in.

Freddy Adu                                      DC United/US Star                                                       4 by 6 in

Henrik Larsson                                 Barcelona Player                                                           4 by 6 in.

Johnathan Spector                            Man Utd/US Player                                                      Custom Index Card

Mark Hughers                                  Man Utd/Wales Legend                                                4 by 6 in.

Pavel Nedved                                   Juventus/Czech Republic Star                                      Custom Index Card

Paul Scholes                                     Man Utd/England Star                                                  8 by 10 in.

Paolo Maldini                                  AC Milan/Italy Legend                                                 Custom Index Card

Teddy Sheringham                           Ex-Man Utd, Now West Ham                                      Photocard

Wayne Rooney                                Man Utd/England Star                                                  Various (PP?)